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Tuscany Gardens in Candolim, Goa first opened its doors in October 2007. We had a vision of bringing tasty Italian food to Goa using imported Italian ingredients combined with the freshest of the local produce. We had both worked as managers and chefs in different restaurants in England, before we decided to return to Avi’s home state and together make the idea of Tuscany Gardens a reality. It hasn’t always been easy but we are proud to say that guests from all over the world now seek out Tuscany Gardens when they are tired of curries and Indian spices or if they have a craving for a decent thin-crust pizza or al dente pasta. And the name Tuscany Gardens, you ask? It was the obvious choice as the idea and dream of the restaurant was born while living on a road by that name in England.[/one_half]

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13 years have now have passed and it is still a family run trattoria, where focus is on serving well prepared, unpretentious food in a beautiful garden setting. The garden restaurant is one of the coziest in Candolim and provides a calm and romantic ambience.  As the evening goes on, the area around the restaurant gets very quiet, providing a peaceful environment for the guests to enjoy their dinner and admire the beautiful little chapel opposite the restaurant. Combined with the Italian food and soft music, you might even forget you are in Goa for a little while! We have received many prestigious awards throughout the years and that makes us very proud of course. That being said, we still consider our greatest achievement to be the return of familiar faces through our doors. Hope to see you at restaurant Tuscany Gardens soon.


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Avi & Line Shetty


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